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Towards a global and transversal industrial vision
About us

An idea, a fusion of skills

APREX was born in 2017 from the desire of Mikael Désécures and Romain Baude, both engineer-researchers for more than 10 years in the very demanding and very specialized field of thermonuclear fusion, to put their know-how and their expertise in analysis of videos and images, at the service of the industrial sector.

Their academic career devoted to the development of innovative measurement instruments dedicated to the creation and analysis of technical and scientific data for the purposes of characterization, control and securing of processes has enabled them to become experts in the field.

Drawing on this experience, they wished to explore new areas in which to transpose this expertise and to take part in a concrete field approach at the service of companies. And because the applications of tomorrow dedicated to industry are being invented today in research centers, they are cultivated in close collaboration with researchers to create cutting-edge innovation. It is therefore quite natural that APREX Solutions has also become for them a legitimate partner providing solutions.

Our motivation is to explore new areas in search of new technologies and to take part in a concrete field approach in the service of business innovation by giving them access to cutting-edge technologies.
Our goal is to contribute to the transition to Industry 4.0 for better rationalization and increased security of production. The solutions that we develop must enable our users to respond to new economic, ecological and societal challenges in the context of their activity.

Aprex, in few events


  • The APREX project is selected by L’Incubateur Lorrain to be supported in the structuring phases of the offer and of the company.
  • Partnership with the Jean Lamour Institute (the largest European institute for academic research on materials and metallurgy).
  • Arrival in the team of two scientific consultants, Frédéric Brochard and Jamal Bougdira.

2017 - 2018

  • Creation of the SAS APREX in Nancy.
  • Winner of the "Start-up Connexion" competition between researchers and entrepreneurs of the Grand-Est region.

2019 - 2020

  • Security and reliability phase of the software suite, acceleration on the industrial part with the APREX TRACK C&M software suite (AX Vision).


  • Winner of C2IME.

2022 - 2023


  • Expansion of the team.
  • Opening of an annex production center in Pulligny (54160).
  • Evolution of the software offer: the APREX Track C&M software suite becomes AX Vision / the APREX Track R&D software becomes AX R&D.

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Seeing far, thinking global and aiming right

Yes, we could promise you the Moon... We are able to take you there.
... But do you really need it?

To extract technical or scientific data from photos or videos, one would quickly be tempted to bet everything on High Tech technology. But advanced technology is not an end in itself. In holistic vision project management, image analysis is only part of the story, and software, as good as it is, remains a tool.
The real intelligence is to ask the right questions upstream, and to have a global and transversal vision of the project:

  • Which technology is best suited to your needs: AI, parametric analysis, simple or multi-level segmentation, tracking, etc.
  • What are the context, the environment and the production requirements?
  • What is the most judicious positioning in your chain of custody?
  • Can we implement the requirements of the specifications?
  • Can we be grafted onto the infrastructures and systems already in place (networks, equipment, etc.)?
  • Does it make more sense to optimize the process taking into account the existing infrastructure and devices or to consider new installations?
  • What are the client's scalability and autonomy needs in the short, medium and long term?

Our solid experience in the field confirms to us all the benefits of a global, human and pragmatic approach to achieve the desired objective with the required level of requirement.

We put all our heart into development
​​​​​​​of your applications

Literally and figuratively and in more ways than one!

  1. Our solutions are designed and developed by a team of technicians and scientists to meet the needs of industry technicians (quality engineers, production managers, R & D engineers, etc.) and scientists (researchers, doctoral students, research engineers, etc.).
  2. Our work tool is our core algorithms. These are the same sequences of analyzes that are integrated into the applications for our customers. Also, our software suite is implicitly always in continuous improvement to propel the performance and the analytical finesse of your specific applications.
  3. "Much more than a product: solutions" is our motto. Listening to real needs, analyzing the context and specific requirements upstream of each project is an essential factor in the relevance of the application and the system put in place.

A human, pragmatic and efficient team

The APREX Solutions team brings together complementary profiles. It offers a friendly, plural and mixed face... from 20 to 60 years old.

Each of our collaborators enriches the team with his or her own background: engineers, technicians, developers, researchers, sales people, managers, communicators... they have been through prestigious schools and universities, have been researchers or entrepreneurs and have had careers in renowned industrial groups...

Generating experience sharing, where creativity rhymes with pragmatism, this diversity is our balance and our strength. It is what allows us to have a concrete, human, pragmatic and transversal approach to your projects.

Expertise, audacity, commitment, high standards and proximity

​​​​​​​These are the key words of our team.
All of them are driven by the same ambition: to contribute to the digital transition of the industry.
All of them have the same desire: to be innovative, but above all, to be efficient.

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