Towards even more demanding controls

Quality control - Compliance - Process - Production environment

We provide machine vision solutions to accompany manufacturers towards a better rationalization and increased security of their production and enable them to meet the new challenges of Industry 4.0.

Production managers, quality managers, methods engineers...

What APREX can do for you :

The challenge is not so much to equip yourself with a high-performance machine vision solution. It is also necessary to consider its implementation on the production site, taking into account the environmental and installation constraints (dust, lighting, compatibility with existing devices, integration...). Moreover, it is essential to guarantee compliance with the rules imposed by the specifications to effectively meet compliance issues.

With AX Vision, we push the boundaries of machine vision

APREX Solutions implements a set of new generation solutions for the development and implementation of machine vision applications. We combine the best of technology with a human, pragmatic and efficient approach.

You need simple, fast and efficient solutions, to allow you to more easily and efficiently :
Control quality - Validate compliance - Manage your manufacturing processes - Automate your production and guide your robots - Assist your operators - Secure your production - Study, understand and characterize - Optimize traceability

AX Vision brings innovative and robust technology to your controls

Our performance optimization solution provides superior results to competitive solutions to meet the highest customer requirements.

Our software suite, AX Vision, integrates control-measurement, 2D and 3D and artificial intelligence (AI) modules.  Based on more than 10 years of R&D and on the competence of our team of researchers and engineers experts in vision and machine learning, it has the added value of being simple, robust and flexible.

  • The 4 key points of the software
    • Image analysis
    • Event and compliance management
    • Dialogue interface with the production environment
    • Traceability


  • The use of AX Vision is within the reach of everyone and does not require any specific knowledge in machine vision. You are in control.
  • Its interface is intuitive and ergonomic.



  • Compatible with most vision and measurement systems: Industrial cameras - Integrated or embedded systems - Infrared cameras - High speed cameras - Sonars - Thermography - X-rays - Microscopy - Profilometry - Stereoscopy
    Integrated into your production tool, recent or old, it is compatible with any operating system and offers a human-machine interface (HMI) in 3 levels of interaction:
    • Office: the desktop mode, to set up, configure and analyze.
    • Mobile: to assist your operators at their workstation.
    • Autonomous: to control an automaton or guide a robot, send information to an ERP, trigger alerts.
  • At any time, it remains modular according to your production requirements and evolves over time according to the evolution of your projects.



  • Convincing results even in complex environments.
  • Management of multiple control points (> 1000), simultaneously and in real time, even continuously and at very high speed.
  • Proven system in difficult conditions to analyze in continuous flow, H24 and 7/7.

Innovante & fiable

Innovante & fiable

  • Notre solution repose sur une architecture qui intègre des algorithmes d’intelligence artificielle sans aucun équivalent à ce jour, issus de plusieurs années de recherche.
  • À tout moment, vous bénéficiez de l’expertise et de l’assistance à la fois technique et scientifique, de notre équipe, humaine, pragmatique et efficace.

You do not wish to develop your applications by yourself, benefit from a support from A to Z.

From audit to integration, through consulting and training, our support can be comprehensive.

In order to meet your needs as accurately as possible and to offer you a complete support, we claim an added value of consulting and project management. We have developed a network of reliable partners to enable us to provide you with a global solution. Thus, we are able to meet the requirements and specificities of your specifications and accompany you to the desired level of autonomy:

  • Feasibility study,
  • Customized design of your application,
  • Turnkey on-site installation,
  • Training and follow-up.

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