Transforming images and videos into scientific data

A solution designed by researchers, for researchers

AX R&D is an image analysis software designed to meet the needs of R&D and fundamental research. The result of 10 years of R&D, it was developed by our team of scientists, researchers and high-level engineers, as part of their research on nuclear fusion. Backed by a world-renowned laboratory, the Institut Jean Lamour (link to IJL), APREX Solutions enjoys the recognition of the scientific community.

AX R&D brings innovative and robust technology to your controls

As such, we regularly support research centers in the analysis of their imaging data for studies in fields such as nuclear fusion, metallurgy, fluid mechanics, additive manufacturing, biology, rehology, etc.

Ease of use and efficiency

We have developed an ergonomic and intuitive interface with the versatile tools you really need.

  • Analyze any video: black and white, color, HD and UHD, from high speed cameras, infrared cameras, microscopes, telescopes... of any format.
  • Whatever the field of application: living matter, debris, dust, quantum particles, electrical systems, plasma discharges, nuclear fusion.
  • Whatever your experience: researchers, engineers, technicians, students, specialists or not in image analysis.
  • The 3 key points of the software
    • Image analysis
    • Data visualization
    • Export


  • The use of AX R&D is within the reach of everyone and does not require any specific knowledge in machine vision. You are in control.
  • Its interface is intuitive and ergonomic.
  • Select and parameterize your algorithms in complete transparency. No black box, it's you who sets the parameters.



  • Compatible with most vision and measurement systems: Industrial cameras - Integrated or embedded systems - Infrared cameras - High speed cameras - Sonars - Thermography - X-Rays - Microscopy - Profilometry - Stereoscopy
  • Results exportable to Matlab, Origin, Excel...



  • Performance to meet your needs
    An interactive and intuitive interface allows you to select the method of your choice and to configure it in complete freedom.
  • Take advantage of an instantaneous visualization on your video: everything is done in real time.
  • Convincing results even in complex environments.
  • Management of multiple control points (>1000) simultaneously and in real time, even continuously and at very high speed.
  • Ability to perform up to 20,000 detections and measurements simultaneously and track 5,000 of them.
  • Proven system in difficult conditions for continuous flow analysis, H24 and 7/7.

Innovative & reliable

Innovative & reliable

  • Our solution is based on an architecture that integrates artificial intelligence algorithms without any equivalent to date, resulting from several years of research.
  • Our software is regularly tested and validated by researchers in various fields.


  • APREX Track, the software core that drives AX R&D, has enabled several worldwide advances in terms of analysis, which have been published recently (link to publications).
  • The performance is maximum to allow you to work in all conditions (laboratory, on the move,...), without the need to use considerable computing power.

Solutions and support tailored to your needs

AX R&D is available as a license.

At any time, you benefit from the expertise and assistance of our human, pragmatic and efficient team, both technical and scientific, to help you set up your customized applications.

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