Towards a tailor-made integrated vision

We provide custom machine vision applications to integrate into your projects.

To equip with embedded vision systems the installations and the means of production which you conceive and manufacture for your customers of the manufacturing industry: conveyors, robots, benches of control... and to equip them with applications of automated controls such as:

  • quality control: dimensional analysis, shape, aspect, colorimetry, surplus/missing material...
  • production control: part sorting, pairing, assembly...
  • logistics: robot guidance for palletizing/depalletizing handling, residence time, etc.
  • traceability: DATAMATRIX reading, QR-Codes, Bar Codes...

But also to allow you to supervise the integrity of your machining parks by camera control applications and thus reduce machine downtime and optimize maintenance.

And thus respond, at your side, to the needs of innovation, integration of new technologies and continuous improvement of your customers.

The solid field expertise of our team of engineers and technicians will enable you to rely on a good understanding of the specific control issues of your customers, in all sectors: automotive, food processing, plastics, metallurgy, mechanics, textiles...

A proximity partnership

Our support is transversal, from the specifications, to the feasibility study and the recommendation of the vision/lighting equipment, to the commissioning, without forgetting the hotline support for a continuous operational maintenance.

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