Machine vision - AI: The winning duo for tomorrow's industry!

Machine vision - AI: The winning duo for tomorrow's industry!

15 09 2020 - Romain Baude

Artificial intelligence (AI) to optimise industrial production 

What do glass manufacturers, automotive suppliers, textile manufacturers, food producers and pharmaceutical companies all have in common?
Optimising production!
Tomorrow's high-performance companies will need to find new ways to compete, in terms of cost, quality and product reliability.

This just goes to show the extent to which control in all its forms (quality, production and production environment) represents a real challenge.

What's at stake? Guarantees of quality, reliability and longevity for industry... but also a real guarantee of peace of mind for manufacturers and their customers.

Machine vision... What for?

Industrial vision, also known as machine vision, is used to detect product defects, process anomalies on production lines, or incidents in the production environment (a scratch, an assembly mismatch, a safety issue, etc.).

How does industrial vision work?

The standard machine vision device consists of a camera and lighting, installed directly on the production line, such as the excellent devices offered by IDS Imaging and EFFILUX.
Connected to data analysis software that takes into account the surrounding lighting in the production area, the camera sends the images. It then calculates, in real time, the various control points such as: colour, number, size, defect, etc.

The positive impact of machine vision is therefore manifold.
It enables us to solve the equation facing all manufacturers, whatever their area of production:

Fewer defects + Fewer rejects
+ Profitability, + Quality, + Reliability, + End-user satisfaction, + Customer loyalty
... in other words, a real benefit with very high added value!

And why IA? 

To open up new possibilities for controlling production!

By learning, AI is able to identify, recognise and classify.

Properly mastered and supported by standard machine vision methods, AI provides simple, effective solutions.

AX AI: AI within everyone's reach

However, although constant, the AI is an average student: it learns quickly but needs a long explanation! The AI takes a long time to learn and requires a large number of images. This inevitably generates a lot of rejects before it is even operational.
What's more, the complexity of its development does not open the doors to all companies.

This is where AX AI can considerably optimise the process. Our solution enables learning to take place with far fewer native images and an interface that is accessible to everyone, with no specific knowledge required.

The important thing to remember:

  • Our AX IA solution meets the demanding challenges of controlling your production lines.
  • It's high-tech, but ultra-simple and accessible to non-specialists.
  • It is modular and adaptable to your specific context.
  • And above all, its interface is ultra-intuitive.

Would you like to widen the scope of control possibilities? Contact us now!
Want to try it out?  Request a demo!

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