Pollution detection in potting soil

Pollution detection in potting soil

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R&D topic aimed at optimizing the industrial production of potting soil..


Test the ability of an automated vision system to detect all types of pollution on the surface, as well as changes in composition as the material matures.

Segmentation et détection de présence de moisissure par caméra hyperspectrale
Hyperspectral vision reveals chemical changes in the nature of subtrate

Solutions implemented

  • Development of a customized application using parametric methods, combined with supervised artificial intelligence methods.
  • Set-up of vision devices with 2D and hyperspectral cameras.

Control points

  1. 1/ 2D camera inspection to detect color deviations due to material modification or degradation.
    2/ Hyperspectral camera inspection to detect and classify different types of pollution (mold, phytosanitary products, fuel spills, etc.).

Particular points

The combined technologies of APREX Solutions and the tests carried out have demonstrated excellent feasibility. A prototyping phase for a complete vision system is now planned, with a view to implementing this control system on the production site.

Customer benefit

  • Optimized process monitoring
    Real-time, objective traceability data

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