Bubble detection included in transparent plastic material

Bubble detection included in transparent plastic material


Case study

Defect control: detection of small bubbles in transparent plastic parts in a continuous high speed process.


  • Detection, measurement and classification of bubbles by size thresholding: diameter from 0.3 to 4 mm.
  • Alert production operators of an anomaly in the farication process.
  • Move from sample-based control to 100% automatic control

Solutions implemented

  • Software : AX Vision
  • Hardware: complete device: camera / lighting / controller / cabling / fixtures...
  • Service:
    - Recommendation and sizing of the solutions to the needs of the project
    - Integration and implementation

Technical challenges / Specific points

  • Real-time detection at high speed > 100 frames/s
  • Detection of transparent elements embedded in a transparent material
  • Requirement of compliance thresholds

Cas d'usage précédent

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