High-speed fiber optic and quality control

High-speed fiber optic and quality control

Very high speed quality control on the optical fiber

125 µm is the average diameter of a hair ... but also of an optical fiber!

To detect defects that may appear on the surface during the fiberizing process, it is better to have a look. When in addition, this industrial process imposes a rate of 1500 revolutions / min (i.e. 1500 m / min or 25 m / s or 90 km / h) it is better to have a keen eye! This is the whole point of very high speed quality control.

APREX Track technology has successfully responded to this double challenge for a global player in high glass technology.

Our APREX Track C&M software suite has made it possible to perform high-speed quality control by detecting, measuring and positioning these tiny defects. Today, compliance thresholds are applied to several hundred defects at a rate exceeding 100 frames per second.

In industry, checks on spinning or fiber drawing are varied. Each production has its specific requirement. The flexibility of our software suite allows us to meet the expectations of any manufacturer carrying out drawing, spinning or rolling operations (metallurgy, plastics, glassware, etc.) which requires precise controls at high rates.

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